Startups of the Internet of Things


Today, we can be overdosed with constant talks about the Internet of Things: this area is gaining more and more popularity among users. According to assumptions of experts, during this year the focus on developments in the Internet of things industry will shift from the consumer market to business processes. Moreover, these trends will dramatically change the attitude of business developers to the Internet of Everything.

"75% of companies have taken an active interest in the implementation of technological solutions in the area of the Internet of Things. Moreover, consumer demand for intelligent solutions in this area continues to grow rapidly."  Ericsson Consumer Lab

Above all things, users need access to applications relating to shopping, restaurants, leisure activities, childcare, as well as to transport. Experts claim that such applications will become 50% more available in the next three years.

According to experts, 2015 will be and is already becoming a year of an incredible growth of influence of the Internet of Things in different business applications. In case of an average user, IoT-solutions are mainly connected to personal mobile devices, but in the business, the connection exists within the whole enterprise and its data as a whole.

As early as in 2013, Apple patented a unique system of car configuration management. This system assumes that every time you get behind the wheel, mirrors, seats and climate control operate according to your individual settings, even if you are not the only driver of this car.

In addition, a well-known accelerator of technological projects has developed a separate acceleration program for start-ups that operate in the area of the Internet of Things - Connected Devices. 

High-tech devices (such as a refrigerator, through which you can order food delivery) appeared not yesterday. However, these gadgets cost a fortune. Today, the main goal of all start-ups and developing companies in the area of Internet of Things lies in the availability and compatibility of created solutions. Another trend is a decline in prices even on the most powerful devices, an incredible growth in popularity of smartphones and popularization of high-speed Internet.

At "Internet of Things" conference, the programmers and developers of start-ups and experienced companies operating in this area will present their solutions and developments, new data transmission technologies, and more.

To learn more about the activities of the various companies and start-ups in the area of the Internet of Things, come to a unique event "Internet of Things." The event will take place in Moscow on October 29, 2015.

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