Smart Things and Smart Gadgets

Smart things

According to the statistics, every person on Earth has three-connected devices. Most often, they are a smart phone, a laptop and a smart thing: a fitness tracker, a smart-watch, a connected TV or a smart security system.

In the next 5 years, the Internet of Things will grow to 50 billion connected devices; and whether we like it or not, similar devices will be in each apartment. This can be a smart night lamp or a connected refrigerator, a smart-TV or a smart thermostat; connection options will be present initially in each new smart thing.

"In 5 years, 90% of Samsung appliances will be equipped with a built-in connection to the Internet". Jong-Kyun Shin, CEO of Samsung

First of all, smart things allow us to unload household activities and automate daily routine duties. For example, it may be an alarm clock, which synchronizes the information with an intelligent mattress and rings after the completion of a sleep phase without disturbing the rest of the body and promoting an easy waking up. The machine, which heats the motor before the owner leaves his or her apartment. A smart refrigerator that generates a shopping list based on the user's smartphone diet.

All of this constitutes smart things that have already been created and you can equip your home with them. Some of them will be announced during the Internet of Things conference. The event will bring together representatives of major consumer electronics manufacturers that will show concepts of smart things, and speak about prospects for the implementation of the Internet of things in our lives.

One thing is to fill the apartment with smart appliances "from scratch", and quite another - to integrate its own electronics into a ready-made home infrastructure. Therefore, within the conference the developers will present the latest applications and API, which allow you to reformat the already existing gadgets into the components of the Internet of Things.

New smart things, smart gadgets and samples of the connected electronics will be presented during the Internet of Things conference.

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