Postrelease 2015 March

In what kind of homes will we live? How would cities look like? How else could technology help us? Is there a limit for progress of intellectual ecosystems and smart things? What will be the innovational tomorrow? Top managers, researchers, architects, designers and citizens keeping their finger on the pulse, just in one day on March 12, had a chance to find answers to these and other important questions.

More than 150 participants, 17 reports, advanced speakers from Russia, USA, Ukraine, representatives of mass media and intrigued visitors during nine hours of the event -- such was the Russia’s first Internet of Things 2015 Conference.

Within all event day organized by Smile-Expo with a sponsorship support of EMC and Quarta technologies, the halls has been full. And this is hardly surprising: not even the meteoritic fall could have distracted visitors from rich and fascinating reports.

Event started from Dmitriy Soshnikov’s (Microsoft) presentation: Internet of your things: technologies and vision of Microsoft.

It was followed by a series of exciting reports:

  • IoT and Microsoft Azure: storing and processing of data from millions of devices - Aleksandr Belotserkovskiy (Microsoft).
  • Wearable devices and the Internet of Things: review, analytics, facts - Silvestr Molnar (Epam).
  • Smart city of the future - Aleksandr Nikolov (OEM).
  • Informational security in IoT - Alexey Lukatskiy (Cisco).
  • Payments of the future: payments via smart things - Mariya Gracheva (Yandex.Money).
  • The concept of smart cities and its implementation. Experience of Cisco - Igor Girkin (Cisco).
  • Windows for IoT. Microsoft products family for quick launch of the smart devices - Valeriy Drobyshevskiy (Quarta technologies).
  • Smart cities: integrated development based on innovations integration - Anton Ignatov (IBM).

Participants were especially excited about the presentation of Nataliya Efimtseva (Google), who extended it with great videos about smart devices outlining the grid of the Internet of Things. Aleksandr Vinogradov (EMC) briefed everyone about the latest platform for storing the content. Alexey Lukatskiy from Cisco explained why the company does not cooperate with other corporations.

After the break, second wave of speakers presented the following topics:

  • Innovations in creating the smart city - Oleg Saenko (Cisco).
  • Internet of Things in everyday life. Lifestyle - Aleksandr Grankin (GO+).
  • Smart home and IoT: transformation of the existing automation concept - Nikolay Rusanov (iRidium Mobile).
  • Health IT. Internet of Things in healthcare - Evgeniy Papernyi (Mail.Ru Group).
  • Internet of Things and BMS – integration is possible today! - Alexey Korzhebin(EVIKA).

Sergey Ivanov, main administrator of “Суровый технарь” ( community in Vkontakte, completed the event business program and shared the user’s vision of the Internet of Things in everyday life.

Also the floor featured demo-zone where one could spend the time during the breaks and see many innovations, rest and communicate with colleagues. In particular, smart lamps have drawn a lot of interest: everyone wanted to know, what the healthy light was like.


  “Me and the whole team of Internet of Things 2015 Conference have been really thrilled by the whole rich day! We’d like to thank everyone who made that possible!  We’re proud that our conference has been the largest theme Russian event and we believe that we’ve given a boost to the industry in Russia. Well done!”

 Tаtiana Tishchenko, exhibition curator.


Having experienced lots of positive emotions through communication with incredible speakers, made a large number of business contacts and had a good grounding, Smile-Expo's team is already ready to start preparations for the next conference, to be held in six months.



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