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Network bandwidth is rapidly catching up with the PC computing speed. It was just 5 years ago that watching HD videos online was a pain and many graphic cards simply couldn’t handle the high definition, but today almost every user can watch a movie online.

Soon, the difference between a private hard drive and a cloud storage would vanish, and the issue of the place to store personal data would become a thing of a concept. Because nowadays, most of the user data gathered by smartphones and apps is stored on the cloud servers.

Such a trend is also relevant for the corporate market segment. Cloud computing along with security and mobile development are top 3 priority segments for progress in IT companies.

"By 2018, 59% of all SaaS software would be processed within the cloud servers. In 2016, common cloud storage services revenue in this market segment will comprise $32,8bn".  Forbes

Although transfer of companies to the cloud has its perks, from choosing the service to selection of processing capacity to transfer to the remote server, cases of international corporations prove the advantages of such a move. Amazon alone has earned $4bn on the cloud processing and platforms market.

At the Internet of Things conference, foreign developers and Russian software engineers will share their experience of working with cloud storages and explain the details of devices and applications development, taking into account the possibilities of cloud servers.

Moreover, the Cloud service section will feature companies providing remote storage and data processing services. Speakers will offer new cooperation models and new services that they are going to implement in their cloud storages.

If you want to discover new software solutions on the cloud services and possibilities to increase your business profitability using cloud technologies, attend the Internet of Things conference!

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