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Russia will start issuing IDs for IoT devices

Russia will start issuing IDs for IoT devices

By the fall of 2019, Russian government plans to develop a legislative framework for identifying Internet of things devices. This is stated in the plan of the "Digital Economy" program, reports RBC.

One of the working group representatives specified that a unique identifier will be assigned to each particular device. Identification of the device owners is not planned.

The working group also explained that this decision was made to ensure network stability - many devices working on different protocols can create failures during connection. Therefore, the government plans to monitor the IoT market by issuing an ID for each connected device.

We have yet to find out how exactly the identification will be carried out, who will do it and will it be free. The plan should be prepared by the end of the year, after that it will be sent to the government committee for approval.

Andrey Kolesnikov, head of IoT Association, said that regulation will allow protecting the devices from unauthorized use in DDoS attacks. The need to protect personal computers is no longer a question for anyone, but cybercriminals started using IoT devices more, from routers to smart bulbs. That's why some form of control is needed, but only one that will not prevent IoT from spreading in the country, said Ambite co-owner, Anatoly Smorgonsky.



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