September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Smart waste collection system Wasteout – exhibitor of the Internet of Things Forum

Smart waste collection system Wasteout – exhibitor of the Internet of Things Forum

Guests and participants of the fifth international Internet of Things Forum will learn about the latest IoT solutions and promising projects of the industry in the exhibition area. One of them will be the unique Wasteout system that controls and optimizes waste collection.

Wasteout system manages the shipping of hard wastes and textiles. Special sensors for containers and a smart platform ensure the efficiency. The system can reduce logistics expenditures by half and improve the performance. It is also expected that Wasteout will help the authorities to control the removal and disposal of garbage.

This IoT technology is protected by a patent and does not have analogues in Russia. How does it work?

  • At first, an ultrasonic sensor is attached to the interior of a container – the device defines whether the container is full or empty. The sensor has a shatterproof, water- and dust-resistant body. Its working temperature ranges from -40 to +75 С. The lifetime of the sensor is five years.
  • Data is sent to the online logistics and control system. The sensor uses 2g/GPRS/LoraWAN technologies to send data and has an alternate communication channel – SMS.
  • The online system factors in the speed with which the container is filled and the influence of the season, controls the fullness of containers, and builds routes for waste collection.
  • The platform assesses the quality of cleaning, prepares comparative analyses and statistics of the trucking distance.
  • Wasteout uses math models to calculate the time required for a container to become full, when to collect wastes, and what route to choose for the waste truck.
  • The driver receives a plan and drives to the site. The system controls the route and corrects it when required.

To learn more about the useful IoT technology and talk to its developers, come to the Internet of Things Forum. Representatives of Wasteout will be waiting for you in the exhibition area.

The international Internet of Things Forum dedicated to IoT solutions and market will take place in Moscow on September 25.

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