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TOP 3 record breaking projects at Kickstarter

TOP 3 record breaking projects at Kickstarter

Kickstarter is perhaps the world's most famous crowdfunding platform that has helped raise funds for thousands of various projects: including innovative startups and publication of books. However, there are projects that have become absolute leaders due to funds collected, and the winner is not a superior device with an inaccessible functionality, but rather a wristwatch sponsored with 20 million dollars.

The top 3 of the most expensive Kickstarter's projects.

The third position was taken by the Pebble company. In their aqusition, developers offered Kickstarter's visitors to sponsor releases of three devices: Budget choice of Pebble 2, the same, but more expensive version of Time 2, and Pebble Core - a tiny device sized of a keychain equipped with two buttons. The essence of Pebble Core was that each button could be programmed to perform an action - for example, to order a specific kind of pizza at a certain restaurant and to deliever it to your home. One click - and your order is sent to the pizza place, and a courier is one the way to your house. Alternatively, to call a taxi to the location you are at now. Or anything else you've got enough fantasies for. Pebble Core operates on Android. The project has collected as much as $12 779 843 invested by 66 673 participants.

The second place is, ironically, occupied by a street refrigerator. It is the most common street refrigerator of 60 liters capacity. However, the manufacturers have further equipped this fridge called Coolest with a blender for ice, dishes and cutlery holders, a can opener, a cutting board, a Bluetooth column (protected from moisture, of course), a USB-charging inlet, and many other useful things. Beyond those features, yes, just a street refrigerator that has raised $13 285 226 at Kickstarter.

And Pebble once again takes the first place with a record $20 million which has been collected by the same things as at the third place but of different technology. A smart watch, Pebble Time, as you can guess by name, are the predecessors of PebbleTime 2 from the third position. This device has impressed 78 471 members of Kickstarter so that they decided to give $20 338 986 for its development. In general, Pebble Time is not even to say anything - a usual smart watch with a built-in fitness tracker, but judging by the amount of money collected, developers hit in the eye with the selected features and interface.


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