September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Token – a ring to simultaneously replace your credit card, ID, and keys

Token – a ring to simultaneously replace your credit card, ID, and keys

Smart keys are not new on the global market. For example, a ring with fitness tracker functions called Motiv was showcased at the last CES exhibition. Visa also presented such kind of a device last year. In addition, Visa’s ring allows making payments via a terminal without a credit card.

However, Token ring significantly differs from analogs. It allows users to store all personal data on the embedded chip: ID, credit card details, driving license, system passwords, and use it when required. For example, with Token you can pay for public transport tickets or conduct any other credit card transactions. Moreover, it allows users to open/close doors by waving the hand, start the car engine, and enter passwords in the computer.

All required data is entered through a mobile application. Currently, the device supports over 40 different payment systems, including well-known MasterCard and Visa. Twenty more will be added soon.

To protect the data, stored in the ring, developers came up with an impressive safety system. A sensor, built-in on the inner side of the ring, scans the fingerprint. It is activated automatically when the ring is put on, and disconnected when the ring is put off. Developers also use a tokenizator tool, which adds another protection layer to credit card operations.

A battery powers the ring, a single charge lasts for two weeks of use. The minimum price for the Token is $249. The customized design of the device will cost you additional $200. The device is already available for preorder.

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