September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Kaspersky Lab’s tester to reveal industrial automation security

Kaspersky Lab’s tester to reveal industrial automation security

Security specialists know that every system is vulnerable. It is impossible to guarantee its total protection but it is possible to reduce risks as much as possible.

Vladimir Daschenko will talk about a new focus area of Kaspersky Lab: working with manufacturers. The speaker is a senior researcher of industrial automation system security. He is one of ethical hackers.

Since 2016, Vladimir has been focusing on security issues of industrial automation objects within the Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT project. He investigates safety of smart technologies (smart house, smart city, IoT, IIoT etc.) as well as regularly speaks at specialized conferences, including S4, DEF CON 25 IoT Village, GeekPwn, and RuCTF.

Speaker’s presentation called ‘Struggling for better future. Problems of eliminating vulnerabilities in industrial automation systems’ will reveal the following issues:

  • analytical data on critical vulnerability over the past years and a half;
  • reasons for vendors’ negligence in system stability issues;
  • best practice of Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT.

Lab is one of the largest international IT security companies. 37 offices in 32 states are in charge for its operation in more than 200 countries.

By the way, the Internet of Things conference will take place from October 31 to November 1 in Sokolniki ECC, pavilion 7a.

Vladimir and other speakers will show how to apply easily smart technologies in order to improve home and working processes and products.

Look at the conference program.

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