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Russian IoT startups: projects presented in the market

Russian IoT startups: projects presented in the market

The IoT market is rapidly growing in Russia – according to the report of IDCResearch Company, the volume of the Russian IoT market will reach $9 billion by 2020.

IoT startups and projects of different directions enter the Russian market. Read further in the article about them and products they produce.


xTurion is a company that develops a mobile robotics platform of the same name intended to monitor living apartments.

The startup aims at providing security to flats and houses when owners are away. The robot watches what is going on in the building and sends this information to the owner.

Moreover, the company integrates the robot in the smart home system. The manipulator has sensors of temperature, humidity, smoke, and water leakage. All data is placed on the map drafted by the robot as it goes around the apartment.

Developers paid special attention to the interaction of the robot and people – the manipulator recognizes faces and understands voice commands. Settings are adjustable: the robot can make family photos or vice versa will not disturb the owner.

In 2014, the project received a grant from Skolkovo Foundation as the winner of the first Russian Robotics Challenge.


GO+ offers a cloud platform that allows controlling any smart devices working on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, and ESP8266.

GO+ helpsdifferent companies, developers, and individual users to unite IoT devices in one network and find new applications for smart devices.

The company distinguishes three directions, where connected devices are used efficiently: production, business, and service sector.


Izitherm presents a smart thermometer that sticks to the body as a plaster and measures temperature. The device sends data to the smartphone and helps parents to monitor the child’s temperature during an illness remotely.

The smart thermometer follows the shape of the body so that the child does not feel it. The device is made of a hypoallergic material, so it does not pose a danger for the child.

By using a special app, parents can choose when to measure temperature and send data to the physician if required.

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The Russian startup Animohas developed an algorithm for remote feeding of pets – the smart feeder gives food to pets according to the preset timetable.

The pet receives food at a corresponding time. In such a way, the owner can be sure that the pet will not be hungry or overfed while the owner is away from home.

The device also allows monitoring the appetite of the pet – sensors built in the feeder record the amount of consumed food.

In such a way, developers want to eliminate problems with incorrect portions left for pets and help owners to save money.

THRONE Project

THRONE Project develops systems intended to automate premises: smart home, office, building.

Automation relies on 3D models of buildings drafted using the THRONE 3D Control technology.

The company offers such solutions as lighting management by zones, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, climate control, fire protection and security systems.

The organization works on projects of any complexity level, from systems for small flats to devices for large shopping malls, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. In 2015, the company became a resident for Skolkovo Foundation.

Experts will tell about IoT industry trends at the international Internet of Things conference.


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