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THRONE solution allows IoT interfaces to be standardized

THRONE solution allows IoT interfaces to be standardized

According to Gartner, in six years the number of controlled devices in smart houses will exceed 500. However, IoT industry still has two soft spots: absence of standardization and low interface intuitivity. THRONE company has offered a solution: to use a platform for visualization and building of control interfaces for the Internet of Things – 3D Control Platform.

This innovative development was presented by the director of THRONE company Mikhail Kulikov during the annual conference the Internet of Things on September 29, 2016.

The development of THRONE is based on spatial perception of the environment by the person. 3D Control Platform is a kind of 3D map, which has layers with process controllers, and panels for group commands and scenarios on the sides.

In such a way developers can create intuitive interface according to common standards, using cloud construction software without programming, and to adjust it to a certain scale, if necessary. Experts believe that THRONE platform is an analogue of Windows interface for the IoT market.

Advantages of THRONE 3D Control Platform:

- increase of interface operation speed;

- increase of the amount of information available on any screen per time unit;

- standardization, scalability, intuitive design.

THRONE IoT platform for interfaces has won the IoT Challenge 2016 contest in the nomination “The Best Solution for Smart House and Smart City”. The THRONE solution was used for lighting control at the ice rink of the VDNH (The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy), as well as for the implementation of other large projects.

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