September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Developer of neural systems to talk about AI and IoT

Developer of neural systems to talk about AI and IoT

Computer scientist Kino Coursey will speak on the development of AI-based robots and the key role of the IOT in this sector.

Coursey is a programmer with solid experience in communication technologies and developing neural systems of the new generation. The speaker dedicated his PhD thesis to artificial intelligence and natural language processing. He offered to make robots provide information in human-understandable language through Wikipedia using big data and machine learning methods.

He has been a technical consultant for IBM, Hanson Robotics, Robokind, and Motorola. At Hanson Robotics, he has been engaged in the development of natural language processing tools applied in Sophia android.

Kino Coursey is creating a friendly and interesting robotic assistant.

Realbotix has been developing human-like silicon robots for over 20 years. One of company’s focus areas is the production of smart sex robots called RealDoll.

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