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Choosing equipment for smart home

Choosing equipment for smart home

Home automation makes our life comfortable. However, not all smart devices are compatible with each other.

Read this article to find out about the types of smart house equipment and advice on choosing right devices.

Smart home: equipment and what it requires

First of all, let us outline the pros of a smart house:

  • convenient management of a large house;
  • high security level;
  • remote control from around the world;
  • a wide range of individual engineering solutions.

It is the quality of the equipment and its components that influences the fulfillment of the abovementioned aspects. The following should be taken into account for the proper work of a smart house:

  • compatibility of equipment manufacturers;
  • equipment quality;
  • equipment functions.

Smart devices should easily synchronize, meet the standards of the country a user lives in as well as have functions that modern smart houses require.

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Smart home: equipment and how to choose it

Specifics and type of the equipment depend on the home automation system you choose. What smart home systems are offered on the market?

  • centralized and decentralized;
  • with an open and closed protocol;
  • wired or wireless.

In case you choose a wireless system, Z-Wave equipment is the best variant. For a centralized smart home system, a powerful controller will be needed. Meanwhile, a system with a closed protocol requires its manufacturer’s equipment only.

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Here is the list of current Russian companies producing smart equipment:

  • Xiaomi;
  • Rostelecom;
  • Beltelecom;
  • MegaFon;
  • Majordomo.

By choosing the right equipment, you can establish a smart house ensuring comfort and saving family budget.

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