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From the creator of Android: Ambient OS and Essential Home smart speaker

From the creator of Android: Ambient OS and Essential Home smart speaker

Andy Rubin, one of the key developers of famous Android OS and founder of the Essential company, literally floods the market with his new projects. Late May, he presented an exclusive smartphone Essential Phone, and now two more innovative solutions have been revealed – Ambient OS and Essential Home smart speaker.

Ambient OS is positioned as an operational system for smart houses. According to the developer, it detects all available household appliances and services, allowing the user to control their operation. Moreover, Ambient OS offers a set of functions for programming or reprogramming smart devices. For example, with its help, you can write an application that would turn on the light by the timer or a specific action.

But Essential developers have gone even further, having taught Ambient OS to control household appliances through a local network, minimizing the data transmission to cloud services. User data is also stored locally rather than in the cloud, which provides a higher level of privacy as compared to analogues.

Meanwhile, developers don’t disclose when and what kind of devices will support Ambient OS. Currently, it’s available only in the Essential Home smart speaker. Andy Rubin shared only its photos, and the date of prototype’s presentation isn’t known yet.

Judging by the preliminary announcement, Essential Home resembles its Amazon and Google counterparts in terms of functions. It also plays music, answers user’s voice queries, controls the lighting and reminds of important events. But, unlike Amazon Echo and Google Home, says Andy Rubin, Essential Home smart speaker manages tasks faster and more accurate.

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