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New IoT solutions: XNB chip and laws for digital economy

New IoT solutions: XNB chip and laws for digital economy

Wearable gadgets are gaining popularity in Russia, Perm-based startup develops smart technologies together with the UAE, and 5G network finds use in South Korea. Read further in the digest about these and other events in the world of IoT technologies.

South Korea will start the commercial use of 5G

South Korea will be the first country to use 5G mobile communication for commercial purposes.

The 5G network was tested last year during the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. The innovative mobile communication network enables 25 GB/s data transfer speed.

South Korea will start using 5G in March this year. Moreover, major mobile operators such as SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus will provide around $2.6 billion to implement the technology across all South Korea in 2019.

Russia will launch XNB chip for IoT infrastructure

SRT firm announced the launch of XNB chip designed for IoT devices. The microchip is expected to go for sale in early 2020.

The chip will protect user personal data in Russia and ensure security of IIoT gadgets.

The firm’s CEO Denis Simakin notes that the domestically produced chip will provide technological transparency in the energy accounting thanks to smart meters.

Putin summons the State Duma to establish a legal framework for digital economy

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin requested lawmakers to pass bills that would regulate digital economy. The President noted that the country’s legislation should not restrict the technological development of innovative areas.

In the message to the Federal assembly, Putin reported that comfortable conditions should be provided for making investments in tech startups. Besides, the country should start using 5G mobile communication.

According to the President, Russia should lead the pack in genetics and information technologies by 2025.

Perm-based startup opened an office in the UAE

Perm-based firm Insyte Electronics that designs smart home solutions opened an office in Dubai. New division of Insyte Electronics will assist developers of smart home solutions from the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, and Bahrein.

The company will supply equipment from Russia, but Insyte Electronics and the government of Dubai will build a new factory this year.

Moreover, together with the ministries of the UAE, the startup will launch a platform intended to collect and analyze data on electricity consumption.

Demand for wearable electronics is growing in Russia

Results of the research conducted by Svyaznoy & Euroset firm showed that citizens of Russia purchased around 2.5 million wearable gadgets in 2018.

In 2018, the wearable gadgets market reached 17.2 billion rubles in Russia, which is 130% more than in the previous year.

Fitness trackers are some of the popular devices in Russia. Their sales have grown by 230%. Smart watches are also in great demand – the segment has increased by 140% in a year. Besides, sales of locator have grown by 243%.

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