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Things to pay attention to when choosing devices for a smart house

Things to pay attention to when choosing devices for a smart house

Smart house devices are falling in price day after day in contrast to their growing effectiveness, which drives the interest in such gadgets. According to the survey conducted by the U. S. Consumer Technology Association, one-third of the country citizens have plans to purchase smart home devices of various kinds for this Christmas. Such techs are also popular in Russia. According to the National Research University Higher School of Economics, 42% of the country citizens want to test smart devices.

Regardless of the home country, buying devices for home Internet of Things, one has to keep in mind three key stages of preparation.

Choose a control center

Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod are the most popular control systems. The majority of smart house devices is designed to fit them. Of course, other variants also exist though not so wide-spread. If you plan to purchase several devices by different manufacturers, choosing among IT giants like Google, Apple or Microsoft makes sense. However, you can opt a less universal gadget in case you don’t intend to buy the particular one. Usually, developers name the most suitable control systems.

Set the goal of the purchase

There is a sheer number of gadgets on the market. Anything can be smart – from an entrance door to an electric bulb in the hall, bathroom, bedroom or the entire house. Your expectations define the choice of a particular device. For example, security fans would appreciate video surveillance systems, smart doorbells, locks controlled remotely, a window control system, etc. For power consumption optimization, smart lighting systems are available. Some gadgets can come in handy in the kitchen, control a health state, and look after plants. There are devices of any kind on the market.

Guarantee security

Any hotspot in the house is vulnerable since it is a gateway for cyber criminals. The quantity of such spots is increasing due to the appearance of new smart devices. That is why one should make sure they buy secure products.

Firstly, all the passwords should be changed – choose your own one instead of those given by a manufacturer. The more complex, the better. Secondly, it is recommended to buy a smart router in case you have several devices. It protects the entire network so that there is no need to look after each device. For example, routers by F-Secure and Norton allow to control the entire network via a smartphone app.

Don’t forget the most important thing – buy a device only having properly tested it. Get all the information on its functions, a price, and an operating mode. It would be great if you visited a showroom in order to assess the gadget performance.

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