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Smart home failure: Predictions of Cinnamon Energy Systems CEO for 2018

Smart home failure: Predictions of Cinnamon Energy Systems CEO for 2018

Green Tech Media published an article on the prospects for home electrical energy storage systems for 2018, according to Cinnamon Energy Systems CEO Barry Cinnamon.

The expert believes, this year we should expect the failure of smart home devices, lack of lithium, the transition to independent solar energy supply and complete disappearance of wires on the roofs of homes.

Lack of solar panels

The rise in electricity prices has caused a strong demand for solar panels. However, it takes about 30 days to deliver and install new systems. The panels will definitely be in short supply until the end of the first half of the year.

No wires on the roofs of houses

Solar panel systems will be wireless in the future. According to experts, this way of the system operation is much more profitable than the cable one.

The failure of the smart homes concept

Existing smart home solutions will suffer because of the increasing costs of installation, and the economic benefits from their use will soon not be that significant.

The Age of Lithium Deficiency

The popularization of electric vehicles will lead to growing prices on the production of batteries for such cars. For this reason, it is likely that the era of lithium deficiency will come. The cost of remaining metal reserves will constantly increase.


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