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Intel developed new series of processors for Internet of Things

Intel developed new series of processors for Internet of Things

Intel announced the development of the new series of processors for Internet of Things, expanding opportunities and functionality. The series is called Intel Atom E3900. It will include three models: x5-E3930, x5-E3940 and x7-E3950. According to available information, Intel Atom E3900 processors will enter the market in the first quarter of 2017.         

Processors were made according to 14 nanometer silicon technology. They are designed for FCBGA1296 and have 4 cores: two major ones and two minor ones. Maximum frequency of devices is up to 2.0 GHz.         

Graphics was significantly improved in comparison with the previous generation. For instance, E3900 allows to display the image with 4K resolution on 3 monitors at the same time. Overall performance increased 1.7 times.          

The company developed Intel Time Coordinated Computing Technology (Intel TCCT) specially for Internet of Things. It allows coordinating and synchronizing hardware peripheral with network devices of all systems, interacting with each other. Due to this feature, all of them operate like a single common system. Thus, data lagging reduces up to 1 microsecond.

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