September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Kirio will control everything!

Kirio will control everything!

Houses are becoming smarter, but controlling their new functions is ever more difficult. Entrepreneur Franck Rougier experienced it personally. In his new cutting-edge house, he didn’t manage to look after installed smart ventilation and water systems. He also didn’t have any idea in which place a wire was hidden, and, as the saying goes, didn’t feel like using a trial and error method. Instead, he developed a more sophisticated solution.

The entrepreneur created a Kirio system capable of controlling all elements of a smart house. It can monitor the work of smart sensors and gadgets that control water supply, air temperature and electricity consumption, etc. Kirio can also be connected to all smart home devices – from smart coffee makers to voice assistants like Alexa. By the way, the number of connected devices and systems is limitless.

IOT conference. Kirio will control everything!

Kirio has an inbuilt artificial intelligence that monitors dwellers and gradually adapts to their behavior. For instance, if a person is used to listening to a home radio, and switches on the air conditioner at any slight increase of the outside temperature, AI will do the same thing.

According to Franck Rougier, Kirio’s installation process is very quick and doesn’t require any programming skills. Construction workers or owners just have to follow the instructions.

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