September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Case study from Connectivity at the “Internet of Things” conference: innovative IoT platform – iComfo

Case study from Connectivity at the “Internet of Things” conference: innovative IoT platform – iComfo

On September 29, Moscow hosted the next annual “Internet of Things” conference, presenting progressive IoT solutions. Conference speakers included Alexander Petrov, the representative of Connectivity. The specialist told about modern ways of fast IoT product development based on iComfo platform.      

The development of the Internet of Things has brought new opportunities:

  • modern hardware has reached the balance of energy consumption, overall size and efficiency;    
  • there is an opportunity to integrate intellectual (programming) electronic devices into subjects;
  • Wireless hierarchical networks of data transmission have started expanding, including those connected with the Internet network. 

All of these resulted in creating the foundation for new technological mode: when the great majority of subjects of human life and activities have the global network connection. In turn, one should have to develop new solutions in the “Internet of Things” field, in particular:           

  • equipment built-in software;
  • cloud services;
  • mobile and desktop applications.

Connectivity has offered its own way to develop reliable IoT solutions fast – iComfo platform. The platform has been implemented based on innovative scalable technologies of data storage and processing and is suitable for prototyping.        

How does iComfo help to speed up the development process?

While making hardware components:

  • the device development is sped up due to the support of popular hardware platforms and controllers;
  • modules are developed using fast and reliable client protocol generating;   
  • one uses UART ready module; 
  • one uses libraries for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, ESP; 
  • one applies the protocol generation for SMS platform.  

While developing cloud services:

  • one provides scalable infrastructure of data storage and processing; 
  • one can use a set of services with high-level API;
  • settings can be conducted by a personal account;
  • reliable data protection (HTTPS/SSL) is involved.

While developing mobile and web applications:

  • iComfo cloud config tools are provided; 
  • there is Android operator panel generator;    
  • one can use Android SDK;
  • one can use SDK for desktop applications.  

Case study from Connectivity at the “Internet of Things” conference: innovative IoT platform – iComfo

iComfo platform case study

Connectivity expert has told that iComfo platform allows companies to develop devices and mobile applications with basic or specialized IoT features, as well as allows to fully develop service, devices and mobile applications.   

In conclusion, Alexander Petrov gave several successful cases of using iComfo. Well, based on the platform, one developed house climate control service, operator panel and robotic manipulator with technological process control conveyer, as well as CarComfo service for connected cars.     

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