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IoT for school students: Latest technologies in education

IoT for school students: Latest technologies in education

The introduction of Internet of Things technologies into various spheres of life simplifies daily graft, production processes and provision of healthcare services. The same efficiency can be achieved when using IoT in education, in particular, in the system of teaching students.

How can the Internet of Things be used for school purposes?

Smart class may help to increase the interest of students to study, facilitate the process of teaching and simplify access to training materials. Its concept suggests the creation of IoT network of devices that facilitate the learning process. The educational environment can include school computers, projectors, personal devices that will be connected to each other.

How can this be applied in practice and be useful? A smart class can identify students, recording their attendance, turn on and off devices when necessary, including for instance interactive whiteboard, projectors, personal computers. It is also possible to automatically send out assignments and literature to improve the learning process. Similarly, the Internet of Things technology can be applied in higher education.

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Internet of Things for schoolchildren will help:

  • To organize the learning process. In particular, to reduce the roll-call time if students are recognized via QR cards or smart bracelets.
  • To apply an individual approach. A smart class will be able to record student's achievements in different disciplines and tasks, form necessary program, select assignments depending on the abilities.
  • To deliver information in a targeted manner.
  • To make lessons more diverse and exciting.
  • It is not easy to create an intelligent information and educational environment in schools.

In particular, education institution should have good Wi-Fi coverage to support a sufficient number of users. Devices are also needed: computers, tablets, systems for identity identification. The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in schools and universities can be quite expensive, but it is capable of qualitatively transforming the educational process.

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