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Interest in IoT technologies grows fast: Lionel Anciaux, Founder and CEO at IOT Factory

Interest in IoT technologies grows fast: Lionel Anciaux, Founder and CEO at IOT Factory

The integration of Internet of Things technologies into business processes is easy and affordable, according to Lionel Anciaux, Founder and CEO at IOT Factory. In an interview with the fifth international forum – Internet of Things, the expert compares Russian and European IoT markets, shares information about application areas of IoT technologies, and reveals how they help companies to cope with existing challenges.

Interviewer: IoT Conference (IoT).
Respondent: Lionel Anciaux, Founder and CEO at IOT Factory (LA).

IoT: Tell us, please, how quickly the interest in the adoption of the IoT technologies is growing in the world.

LA: The adoption is pretty fast. IOT networks are well developed in Europe and growing in Russia and Asia. Smart gadgets become cheaper and of higher quality. Besides, we see more and more companies integrating IoT technologies into their services.

IoT: How often have companies been turning to advisory services on IoT implementation in business over the last year?

LA: Every time a company seeks our advice, we initially analyze its IoT integration challenges. Afterward, we explain that the application of technologies in businesses is easy and affordable now. We select several possible options of the IoT integration to optimize company’s business processes, for example, using smart meters.

IoT: In which business areas do IoT technologies show the most of popularity and efficiency today?

LA: Obviously, Industry 4.0 and Smart Building sector.

IoT: Which common business problems can IoT technologies help to solve and how?

LA: Metering: IoT technologies make any metering available in the real time mode. For instance, one can monitor machines uses and energy consumption.

IoT: How do the markets of Russia and other European countries differ from this perspective? Where are IoT technologies in the greatest demand?

LA: Russia makes almost impossible the deployment of a global IoT network such as LORAWAN because of its territory. Therefore, we see much more private networks in Russia than in Europe.

Moreover, there is a difference in smart metering: Russian and European citizens have different demands. Energy, gas, petrol, and electricity are more expensive in Europe, while Russia’s major cities primarily focus on monitoring the cost of electricity and the consumption of hot water.

Besides, the price of labor in Europe makes some IoT implementations more interesting, when allowing to save on labor cost.

IoT: What will you be speaking about at the Internet of Things conference?

LA: I will share with the audience several case studies of IOT applied to Smart Industry and Smart Metering. I will also describe several successful projects and the return on investment in the IoT industry.

Lionel Anciaux will speak at the Internet of Things forum in Moscow. He will talk about the application of IoT networks for solving real business tasks.

Meet the expert at the conference and discover how to apply IoT in businesses!


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