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Where in Russia is IoT applied?

Where in Russia is IoT applied?

The Internet of Things in Russia has its specific features due to the national mentality as well as legal and economic aspects. As Western analysts report, the market volume of IoT and М2М (machine to machine) will reach 90 bn RUB until 2022 with power engineering and transport as the prevailing spheres of smart technologies introduction. The development of smart home systems is also highly expected. Russia has only started implementing this technology. In the future, as exemplified by other countries, it will make our life much more comfortable.

Power engineering

As market analysts anticipate, by introducing the technology, enterprises and private companies would considerably decrease expenses on electricity. Therefore, people will pay less for electricity due to the common usage of smart meters.

Remote monitoring can improve control over substations and electricity lines, which decreases expenses on exploitation and maintenance works. According to the experts, in 2025, the economic efficiency of the technology inclusion would be estimated at 532 bn RUB.

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Smart home in Russia: peculiarities and challenges of application

The Russians get more and more interested in the smart house concept, however, they lack understanding of its application and target clients. People look for the ways of optimizing the work of primary devices and systems of their house because emerging technologies can solve everyday problems.

Many think that a smart home is a video surveillance system managed by a remote control, a security alarm or a climate control system. In fact, the idea of a smart home lies in the interconnection of separate engineering elements.

Imagine you live in a country house and a family of… five. It happens to be a difficult task to organize the work of all devices – air conditioning, heating, video surveillance, water and gas leakage sensors, alarm systems. Not to switch all the appliances off manually when your family goes to bed or leaves, a so-called guardian is needed. It will put everything in order: switch off the light in the bathroom, electric devices in the kitchen, and then curtain the windows. Smart home is aimed to make it real. Obviously, this feature is the best solution for those having lots of various goodies so that their management is simpler.

What is more, smart homes in Russia help citizens save on electricity consumption. To be precise, smart systems can lower electricity consumption by 20-30%, its efficiency is visible on >100 m2 areas.

IoT in Russia develops slowly but steadily. Notwithstanding legal challenges, high price of smart systems, and unsolved problems with their safety, the experts voice positive predictions concerning the efficiency of the Internet of Things. They believe that emerging smart technologies will soon become commonplace making our life more comfortable and qualitative.

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