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Mitte filter saturates water with minerals and analyzes its quality

 Mitte filter saturates water with minerals and analyzes its quality

The Mitte filter is designed for cleaning and mineralizing regular tap water. A team of developers patented their purification technology, consisting of several stages. In the end of the purification process, tap water is completely cleared of all admixtures and instead enriched with minerals and nutrients in optimal for the body amount and ratio.

There are several types of water that the user can get after cleaning. They differ in mineral ratios, their concentration and pH level. The chemical composition depends on the cartridge selected by the filter owner.

The level of minerals in the cartridge itself can be monitored with a smartphone app. It also gives you information on the quality of water that comes into the filter.

One more difference between Mitte and other filters is that you can use the app to set a certain amount of water for filtration, as well as the temperature, so Mitte can be used as a tea or coffee maker.

The developers also say that after Mitte is spread around the world it will be possible to monitor the quality of tap water in different countries and create a map with real time updating.

Kickstarter is a financing source for Mitte. The project collected necessary amount in just a few days. Developers announced that the first batch of filters will go on sale in April of next year at a price of €279 for a filter + cartridge set.


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