September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Komponenta expert spoke about development prospects of Industry 4.0

Komponenta expert spoke about development prospects of Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 has led to machines being capable of tuning and virtualizing the user’s economic environment and reality. Humans can now stop formalizing their interests and demands because machines extract information for effective optimization of the environment on their own.

It was the topic covered by the director of cloud solutions at Komponenta Company Valeriy Milykh on September, 29 at the conference “Internet of Things”.

According to the speaker, the fourth industrial revolution is closely related to the development of the Internet of Things and has become possible due to several important factors: considerable scientific achievements, M2M connectivity, increase in data amounts of devices and decrease in the cost of equipment.

The world leaders in producing software and hardware have already created specialized platforms for the development of IoT solutions: Microsoft AZURE, Intel IoT Platform, IBM Watson IoT platform, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Open Stack.

Among the projects actively using IoT technologies are smart home, office center, warehouse, condition monitored maintenance of systems, adaptive lighting of streets and freeways, etc. The effect of implementing IoT services is obvious. According to the date from Komponenta, new solutions have made it possible to:

  • Use equipment in a more effective way and substantially cut costs of system maintenance;
  • Save up to 50 % on the volumes of  utility bills;
  • Raise the level of security thanks to the opportunity to predict accidents, etc.  

At the end the speaker told the audience about profitable and effective IoT solutions of Komponenta Company. They are constructed using Windows Embedded operating systems as well as cloud platform Microsoft AZURE and machine learning. These tools allow developing high-quality software and hardware for a particular IoT system. 

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