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What awaits market players in the IoT sector in 2017?

What awaits market players in the IoT sector in 2017?

The answer to this question was provided by the experts of consulting firm Analysys Mason. In their view, the next year will force network operators to give a thought to the issue of revenue increase. Currently, the revenue of telecommunications companies in the IoT sector accounts to less than 1% of the total revenues. In the future, it is expected to increase up to 5%, but even this figure may seem insufficient to many operators. According to the analysts, it is possible to accelerate the process by purchasing companies, which provide narrow-focused IoT services.

The Analysys Mason also believes that in 2017 operators will focus on the study and implementation of the fifth-generation communications tools (5G), rather than on the provision of various services in the Internet of Things sector. Particularly topical issue will be the provision of high-speed access over the last mile.

Alongside with the developments concerning the introduction of 5G, in 2017 the first commercial NB-IoT networks are expected to be launched. Another possible issue will be the spread of LTE-M technology. Thus, for example, KPN company has announced that it is going to combine its LoRa networks and solutions based on LTE-M.

One more aspect to be considered in 2017 is the possibility of allocating frequency resources for networks, designed to deliver the IoT applications. But the most important issue that will be raised throughout the coming year is legal regulation of the Internet of Things. According to Analysys Mason, big players of the IoT market will aim for consolidation and development of general rules and principles of operation in order to reduce the regulators’ pressure.

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