September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Victoria’s Secret Launches Heart Rate Monitor Bra

Victoria’s Secret Launches Heart Rate Monitor Bra

We apparently missed this when it was annouced — and from a search of the web, so did everyone else — but Victoria’s Secret is selling a bra with a heart-rate sensors built in.

The intimate apparel store has an entire line of sports bras, but the “Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Heart-Rate Monitor Compatible Sport Bra” includes sensors and technology from the Finnish fabric maker Clothing+. You still need to clip on your favorite communications module, but the sensors are built into the fabric itself. No belt needed.

We found out about it when Clothing+ CEO Akseli Reho mentioned it off-handedly during a presentation at IDTechEx conference in Santa Clara, CA.

The bra costs about $75. This is not the tweeting bra, nor is it the one that opens when it senses attraction. This one is actually functional. We’re running the picture, of course, purely in the interest of science.

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