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British smart meters to optimize power consumption

British smart meters to optimize power consumption

As reported by The Telegraph, a new meter SMETS2 will be launched in limited quantities and enter the UK market in summer 2018. This will be a test product. A limited release of meters is one of the final testing stages.

British Gas is launching the meter SMETS2 in cooperation with Landis+Gyr. It is applied for the work with clean energy systems, capable of analyzing the quantity of power produced by solar panels, batteries performance, and power consumption for electric cars charging. As planned by the developers, this data would allow house owners to use energy in a more effective way.

SMETS2 is also beneficial for the country. The meter is supposed to send data about the excessive power consumption in the household. This energy goes to the national power network: due to the readings of the meter, the needed voltage to be maintained all over the country will be set based on power that the UK households use.

SMETS2 will also come in handy in various emergencies. For instance, it is capable of connecting with power plants independently as well as calling a repair team in case of blackouts. According to the representatives of Landis+Gyr, the company will be able to establish a new and more effective system of energy supply in the country, decrease electricity bills as well as optimize networks and power plants.


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