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American business chooses IoT, not AI

American business chooses IoT, not AI

American consulting agency, Constellation Research, published results of their annual survey of executive managers in US companies. The survey topic is innovative technologies introduction. According to results of Digital Transformation Study 2017, most businesses in the United States choose to invest in the Internet of things.

Despite all expectations, new developments in the field of artificial intelligence cause most representatives to be skeptical. Only 25% of them reported that their companies invested in development of AI-related projects, while 51% of the companies invested in IoT development. An even larger share of businesses, 77%, actively invests in Big Data and cloud developments.

Two-thirds of American companies (70%) report that they have already approved strategies for digital business transformation, and 64% consider it to be the first necessity for increasing company revenues.
Internet of Things 2017: American business chooses IoT, not AI
Analysts at Constellation Research believe that artificial intelligence will become more attractive to investors in the upcoming 2018, when ready-made services for creating and training neural networks will be publicly available and the technology itself will be brought to a more mature form.


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