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Five useful gadgets for family summer holidays

Five useful gadgets for family summer holidays

In summer, all you want is to forget about domestic problems and enjoy the holiday. To do it, you can use some handy gadgets that will take over a part of your house duties allowing you to capture the most vivid events.

Five most useful innovative devices for the whole family

Camera HRR-PJ810E by Sony


Five useful gadgets for family summer holidays - 1

This video camera with a projector is a great way to not only capture all the brightest moments of your rest, but also immediately show recorded videos to your relatives and friends. This gadget is one of the most powerful in the world market. Using this camera, you can record high-resolution videos (854 x 480 pixels), as well as project an image on the wall, even in the daylight. The camera has a matrix Exmor R CMOS, wide-angle lens, built-in noise reduction and image stabilization system. With this professional configuration, the gadget is very easy to use, so it is suitable even for beginners.

Home drone Big UFO 6-axis

Five useful gadgets for family summer holidays - 2

Drones can be used not only in nature but also at home. Moreover, even a child can operate this model. These UAVs are sold fully assembled and can be run immediately after unpacking. This drone precisely executes all commands and has a good protection of propellers, so do not afraid of collisions and falls from a height. Moreover, this drone allows you to shoot video with a resolution of 300 thousand pixels, as a high-quality digital camera is built in its body. 

Smart coffee machine Redmond SkyCoffee

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You do not have to wake up a little earlier to prepare a cup of coffee, because this smart coffee machine will do everything itself. To start the device, you just need to download the appropriate application Ready for Sky and click on the Start button. The application also allows you to select the desired degree of grinding and the duration of heating. Thus, the coffee is ready in three minutes after the start of the machine and remains hot up to 6 hours. Therefore, you do not have to hurry to get out of bed.

Automatic feeder for your pet Pets Ice Mini

Five useful gadgets for family summer holidays - 4

It is not always possible to travel with a pet. Earlier it was a problem and you had to look for a person who would come every day to feed the animal. Today you can buy an automatic feeder, fill it with food and hit the road. The device has four compartments with a capacity of up to 300 g. Each of the compartments can be opened at a certain time. Moreover, Pets Ice Mini has a special container for ice that allows it to store wet food. Moreover, the gadget is equipped with a voice recorder, so an owner can create a short message for his or her pet in order the latter does not think it has been left alone.

Self-balancing unicycle Marsrover X5  by Airwheel

Five useful gadgets for family summer holidays - 5

This extraordinary electric vehicle is suitable not only for teenagers but also adults. The unicycle has a tire of 36 cm in diameter and can move at a speed of 18 km/h while playing the user's favourite music. This unusual vehicle is operated by balancing the centre of gravity forwards and backwards. The wheel weighs 10 kg, so, if necessary, it can be carried in the hands. 

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