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The Internet of Things is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of modern technology and the most high-profile novelties of the year. The debate on how to make it work as efficiently as possible constantly takes place in the professional circles. Experts predict that in the near future the Internet will produce a comprehensive huge amount of data, and thus open boundless possibilities for various spheres of activity.

The third in a row exhibition and conference "Internet of Things" will take place in Moscow on 29 September 2016. It is without exaggeration one more important event in the field of the Internet of Everything. The event will bring together a huge number of well-known experts and players of the IoT industry, who are interested in the development of this market.  

Working hours: 10:00-18:00

Location: World Trade Center (Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 12)


    Industrial IOT Conference

  • Alexander Anufrienko Practice of applying IoT
    Alexander Anufrienko

    The representative of Skolkovo Foundation. An expert in engineering radioelectronic systems and VoD/OTT technologies. 15 years of experience in engineering, marketing and business development.       

  • Marat Nuriev Communication of the future: unlimited possibilities of the IoT
    Marat Nuriev

    Works at Huawei Technologies for more than 12 years. He was the head of Mobile broadband solutions sales team, leader of Business & Network Consulting projects for major mobile operators. Since 2016 he is in charge of Huawei IoT development in Russia.

  • David Shostak Модератор конференции
    David Shostak

    CEO T-Tronic, CEO Gameland company, Founder of Successful Projects “SOCIALIST”, “VIGODA.RU” (Russia) • Ex-Advisor of “Euroset” President (2B $ company). TED Speaker

  • Alexey Lukatsky Information Security in the Industrial IoT: Global Trends and Russian Realities
    Alexey Lukatsky

    Safety business consultant at Cisco Systems. Has been working with information security since 1992. Was ranked one of the Top 100 Persons of Russia’s IT Market.  

  • Ilya Bikonya Challenges in realization of IoT solutions for business. Experience of car sharing
    Ilya Bikonya

    Со-Founder an CEO Rightech

  • Patrick Kramer Biohacking and the Rise of Upgraded Humans
    Patrick Kramer

    CEO, Digiwell, professor, one of the most well-known biohackers in Europe. He may be called a cyborg, since he not only has implanted microchips, but also experiments with new implants in his body.



  • Sergey Sobolev Internet of Trains: automatic precise and energy optimized control for the Internet of Trains
    Sergey Sobolev

    Ph.D. in Engineering Science, the head of systems engineering direction at Siemens. He leads autopilot projects for such Russians trains as VelaroRus, DesiroRus, DesiroRus etc.   

  • Valeriy Milykh The fourth technological revolution - unreal future and real case studies
    Valeriy Milykh

    Director of cloud solutions at Componenta company. Actively participates in managing projects of software and hardware solutions development and backup for embeddable systems and telemetrics data compilation systems.

  • Maksim Povarennih Development of LoRaWAN networks in Russia: wireless dispatching control systems for housing and utility services
    Maksim Povarennih

    Head of development department of Network 868 project. Broadcast, Television and GPS Engineer

  • Alexander Belotserkovskiy Industrial IoT - trends and directions of development
    Alexander Belotserkovskiy

    Prior to joining Microsoft, he received the title of Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional Russia and advised clients of Microsoft Azure cloud platform in Russia and the CIS.

  • Boris Dezier Complex custom solutions for vertical IoT markets based on the LoRa technology and ThingPark Wireless platform
    Boris Dezier

    Boris is a highly experienced sales and business executive with a solid knowledge of the telecommunications industry. Prior to Actility, he worked for 10 years for NetCentrex and Comverse where he was successively General Manager, Central & Eastern Europe for NetCentrex, AVP EMEA and AVP APAC for Comverse. 

  • Oleg Gusev Integration into LoraWAN ecosystem
    Oleg Gusev

    Head of Business Development at  AURORA Mobile Technologies.

  • Igor Rudym New common communications protocols for the Internet of Things and Open Source solutions
    Igor Rudym

    Igor has been working for Intel since 2004. He supported the direction of mobile and desktop systems. Since 2012, Igor has been responsible for the Internet of Things department at Intel in Russia and the CIS, which covered industrial solutions, retail trade products and digital advertising

  • Aurélien Seugnet Basic LoRaWan gateways for Internet of Things network operators
    Aurélien Seugnet

    The representative of French-based Kerlink that has developed and released the whole range of products for the Internet of Things, based on Semtech’s LoRa® technology.    

  • Dmitry Moiseev Industrial Internet of Things in Agriculture - Feedback Session
    Dmitry Moiseev

    Beginning from 2001 Dmitry Moiseev was proactively involved in developing and implementing IT in public sector as a head of a significant holding company IT department. Now he has been  working  as Key Account Director of Tibbo Systems.

  • Andrey Sinitsyn Low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) - wireless future of the telemetry
    Andrey Sinitsyn

    CEO at STRIJ Telematics, a developer, manufacturer and provider of systems for the remote collection of telemetry data for the Internet of Things and  Machine-to-Machine Connectivity (M2M). Currently, the IoT network of STRIJ consists of more than 250 base stations in 30 regions of Russia and the CIS.

    Lifestyle IOT Conference

  • Nikita Yuriev How to bring the iron project to the market and invite investments
    Nikita Yuriev

    Investment manager at IIDF. He has been working as an analyst in the venture area for 4 years. Previously, he was also an employee at Rusnano and a founder of the startup that focused on ad placement optimization in social networks, which turnover increased from zero to 100 million rubles within a year.          

  • Angel Garcia Rivas European trends of Internet of Things
    Angel Garcia Rivas

    Fonder of Startupbootcamp IoT & Data and Cybersecurity (Barcelona). 

  • Aleksandr Petrov Modern technologies of rapid IoT solutions development
    Aleksandr Petrov

    CEO, R&D Group of companies dealing with the development of customized hardware/software solutions. Author of more than 30 publications in IT-sector. Carries out research in the field of big data analysis algorithms together with the Dynamic Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Institute for Systems Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISA RAS).


  • Zviad Kardava Smart Lifestyle: home, notifications, clothes, cars and even mirrors
    Zviad Kardava

    Zviad is a software engineer who’s mainly engaged in research and development of distributed systems, industrial IoT and high performance middleware. He feels passion for modern technologies, their development and hacking, as well as their reflection in academic science.

  • Nikolay Rusanov Dream Apps for IoT
    Nikolay Rusanov

    Development Director at iRidium mobile, founder of Smart House systems consulting center. Specialist in automation systems.   

  • Dmitriy Kovalyov IoT training within private-public partnerships
    Dmitriy Kovalyov

    Director of State-Funded Educational Institution of Further Education, Technical Creativity and IT Center

  • Aleksey Korzhebin Building automation systems as a part of IoT infrastructure
    Aleksey Korzhebin

    Being a co-founder of EVIKA, Aleksey has extensive experience in the industry of building automation, creation of "smart homes" and the Internet of Things segment.

  • Andrey Novikov How expert community can solve challenging business tasks. Experience of Big Data analysts
    Andrey Novikov

    General Manager at SocialMaps research company in Moscow. A head of noncommercial research projects along with National Research University - Higher School of Economics and Lomonosov Moscow State University. Previously, he was a project manager at Microsoft, HP and EMC.        

  • Igor Kaloshin How big data analytics and the IoT trend have turned business and investment priorities upside down
    Igor Kaloshin

    A member of the Skolkovo business angels club and a VentureClub, member of the board at RUSSOFT association. Mentor and investor at more than ten uprising companies.

  • Natalya Efimtseva Smart Lifestyle: home, notifications, clothes, cars and even mirrors
    Natalya Efimtseva

    Natalya is engaged in development of cooperation programs with developers of the Russian office of Google. The report will provide an overview of gadgets and technologies of the company for the Smart home segment.

  • Mikhail Kulikov Interfaces for the Internet of Things
    Mikhail Kulikov

    Business Development Director of TRON Systems LLC, a company that won the IoT Challenge contest in the nomination "The Best Solution for Smart House and Smart City. 

  • Edoardo Genovese Antennas are critical for wireless communications
    Edoardo Genovese

    European Sales Manager of Pulse Electronics Corporation (Wireless Infrastructure)

  • Igor Douplitzky Development of IoT-market in Europe
    Igor Douplitzky

    Director Business Development of Orange Startup Ecosystem, the Orange division leading open innovation with startups (Orange Fab accelerators) and developers (Orange Partner APIs).  He headed technology scouting at Orange Lab near San Francisco.

  • Yannick Tranchier Moderator of the Conference
    Yannick Tranchier

    Founding Partner in NUMA Moscow and Founder of Ob'vious

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