Wearable technologies are new devices and wearable gadgets.

Wearable Technologies

Speaking of Internet of Things, one cannot leave out the trend picked up by the world’s largest companies, which is the urge to master such technologies today. Besides, mobile devices more often than not give way to new compact wearable gadgets.

2014 has been a year of wearable technologies, and experts claim that this year, more than 100m wearables will be sold all over the world. Many specialists say that the rapid growth in popularity of such technologies will lead us to the world where even most futuristic devices would become an integral part of our life.

 “Nowadays, wearables are more of a fancy thing for young people who like sports, but with the improvement of functionality, they will come to everybody’s homes,” Denis Zhiltsov, Deputy CEO at IMA-press consulting company

Not so long ago, working on the computer meant boring sitting at the huge desk or dragging a laptop everywhere you go. But today, everything is much simpler: due to smartphones and a huge number of various and often small devices, we can do almost everything we want, and do it practically everywhere. In the nearest future, we probably even wouldn’t have to handle such devices, as they’d be embedded into our favorite shirts, hats or glasses, for example.

The key mission of wearables is to simplify everyday tasks, make all processes more efficient, and in some cases – more fun. Modern wearable gadgets can gather and process a great number of information continuously. Such devices include fitness trackers, smart watches, jewelry, smart glasses, flexible screens and other computing pieces that allow you to forget about your phone.

Peeking into the future of wearable trends, one can imagine the potential of wearables to come. And soon, the market will most certainly feature smart clothing, sensor patches, and perhaps even implantable chips under the skin.

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