Transport of the future


What do you know about bikes, cars, buses, trolley buses and other vehicles? At the first glance, transport is not a complex thing to understand. But today, there’re more and more people who just want to reinvent the wheel again. And not just the simple one, but the smart one. Inventors aim to add artificial intelligence to vehicles. Therefore, nowadays we often hear news about invention of some kind of smart things: household appliances, sports equipment, and even clothing elements. But what does smart transport mean and what can it give to the community?

Wearable gadgets and devices with GPS can’t be called a new thing, even for cyclers, drivers and pedestrians who use public transport. For example, gadgets can be fixed on the bike using special holders. Makers of smart two-wheel transport have gone further and presented designs with built-in functionality of this kind.

At first, it wasn’t clear whether somebody needed digital elements in the two-wheeler. However, specialists who knew their way with engineering began to persuade that it was necessary. Smart bicycle can really become a transport of the future.

The modern smart transport market already features bikes with a battery that can charge your phone on the go and designs with a GPS navigation to determine the bicycle location. Besides, the most promising plans aim to produce bikes with an anti-theft system controlled via the smartphone. Engineers pay most of attention to smart transport safety, which is so essential on the road.

You’ll be able to discover the latest inventions related to transport of the future (personal and public transport) at the only event in Russia dedicated to the Internet of Things.

Various researches prove that, in the nearest future, common things that surround us everywhere (including transport) will move to a new level of intelligence and communication possibilities, which creates an urgent need to establish professional ecosystem for networking involving the IoT community.

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