Internet of Things Startups


The Startup Battle is the presentation of the IoT projects to experts and investors. Young developers will present their ideas and receive feedback from professionals.

For whom will it be useful?

  • beginning entrepreneurs;
  • innovative engineers;
  • software developers;
  • investors and business accelerators.

What will the participants receive?

  • expert opinion on the technical and business aspects of the project;
  • advertisement of the product and team;
  • possible financial support.

The Startup Battle will be held within the 5th international conference Internet of Things from 14:00 to 17:00.
Participation in the Battle is free. Applications are accepted until September 21. To submit an application, you should specify the project goal, implementation period, pay-off period and the percentage of profit for a potential investor. The presentation lasts for 3 minutes.
The Startup Battle is not only a chance for authors of ideas to promote their project and attract investors' attention. Keep in mind that your developments will greatly accelerate the development of the Internet of Things market.

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