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The first part of the day will be devoted to the communication between investors and developers of startup projects that will present their ideas. Overall, 20 challenging projects will be presented to 12 representatives of investment and venture funds.

It is important to note that developers interested in investments will have a chance to receive quality recommendations, and some of them – even to discuss the possible financing of the project. 

Speed dealing is a closed area available only to registered participants. The meeting will begin at 10:30 and last till 13:00.




Find investor for your  startup!

Win support of Ingria, IIDF and other judges and get stand at IoT-2018 forum!

Investors need a new startup, may be it will be yours! On November 1, the fourth international forum – Internet of Things – will include the Startup Battle involving venture funds.

The Startup Battle is a presentation of new connected technology projects to investors. Introduce your idea and get a chance to raise investments for its implementation!

Besides, a winner of the Startup Battle will obtain a stand at the fifth Internet of Things forum in order to become an exhibitor of the event in 2018 and to present their off-the-shelf product!


Are you an startup?
Present your project and participate in the battle for investments!
To participate, you should:
- fill in the form: Become a participant of the Startup Battle;
- define a project goal, implementation period, payoff period and interest obtained by an investor;
- prepare a 3-minute project presentation + 3 minutes for expert’s questions.
Projects starting with a seed stage are allowed. Projects focused on charity, personal needs or violating Russian Federation regulation are not considered.
Applications are accepted until October 27, 2017.

Are you an investor?
Do you want to participate as an expert assessing startups?
Contact us by email: l.eremenko@smileexpo.ru

The Battle of  startups will start at 14:00 and last till 17:00. The area is available to attendees of the exhibition as well as the business part of the event.
Event open hours: 10:00 - 18.00
Venue: ECC Sokolniki, pavilion № 7-А
Don’t miss this grandiose event!


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