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Smart Home

Who would want to get off a comfortable couch and check how the chicken is doing in the oven? Or fall asleep with the sounds of a working washing machine and dishwasher? And to put your vacation on hold and rush home not to flood your neighbors is just ridiculous.

Smart home is a complex of technologies allowing to spend less time on household duties by setting the living safety system and creating a universal network for controlling a household appliances using your smartphone.

"Today, there exists 25bn connected devices. In just 5 years, the number will double and market will reach $14.4bn," Cisco

The Smart home section will gather specialists of integration and adjustment of such systems. Developers and software engineers will present completed projects of modern homes, make comparative analysis of software platforms and tell how to install smart control systems for household appliances in your apartment on your own.

The simplest example of the smart home system is a sensor infrastructure on faucets and gas burners, which notifies the apartment owner of the leak and shuts off water and gas in your home.

Or even a smart protection tripping device for selective shutdown of appliances (e.g. iron) or lighting inside of the house, by controlling voltage and power consumption in the network.

Moreover, the Internet of Things conference will feature projects capable of reducing costs for heating and water supply to the house.

In Europe, for example, residential buildings consume 40% of all produced power. Housing services and utilities comprise 36% of СО2 emissions (for comparison: transportation segment produces 30% of the total carbon dioxide amount). So, it’s easy to imagine energy consumption of a residential area in the CIS countries.

That’s why, the Smart Home section will involve representatives of the foreign countries focused on optimizing the power consumption in private houses and apartment blocks.

Discover new projects of modern houses and latest software platforms, which could be used for setting smart systems! Visit the Internet of Things conference! See you there!

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