Security and smart protection devices


Up until recently, home safety systems have been a highly dedicated market segment, interesting for the limited category of consumers. Due to the wireless technology development and electronics cheapening, smart safety integration became possible without additional expenses for system installation and specialists’ services.

Electronic locks, surveillance cameras, motion sensors and alarms can now be installed out of the box without troublesome settings. Typically, smart safety systems require only connection to the wireless network and installation of a special smartphone app.

To introduce the peculiarities and advantages of these systems, speakers, including the leading smart safety developers will make presentations at the Safety section, showing new gadgets and IoT infrastructure possibilities.

Moreover, the Safety section will cover new technologies for smart safety of corporate and private networks.

"According to the latest Global Security Report, 98 per cent of apps have at least one safety flaw, and the average number of weak spots in applications has grown 43% over the last year," Trustwave Report.

Most of cyber-attacks target apps and services of companies involved in retail and eCommerce. At the end of the day, most valuable data in the home network is social network passwords and credit card numbers, but in corporate networks and apps are the real piles of sensitive information, making them a tidbit for meddlers.

On the one hand, this trend creates a demand for new integrated security systems for corporate clients, but on the other hand, it challenges personal home data reliability.

That’s why the Internet of Things Conference will feature programmers and developers, offering solutions for data protection, new technologies for encrypting and data transmission, as well as methods for personal data protection in the smart home network.

To discover new ways of personal data protection in the smart home network, attend the Internet of Things Conference. Programmers and software developers will showcase fresh solutions for information protection, new technologies for encrypting and data transmission, as well as smart security devices.

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