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Internet of Things Conference features smart cities and industry innovations

The speakers of the event held in Moscow discussed the development and introduction of the Internet of Things for industry, transport, utility sector, and trading. The Internet of Things Conference of September 25 brought together both developers of sophisticated IoT-driven systems and businessmen planning to implement the technology. The total number of attendees is almost 800 including investors, marketers, state officials, and journalists. 23 experts from Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, and Egypt delivered the presentations.

Discussions about future cities and factories

The panel discussions featuring implementation of the Internet of Things proved to be the most vibrant part of the conference. Topics: ‘Effective urban technologies of the future’ and ‘Industrial Internet of Things: Industry 4.0’.

Six experts from different companies took part in the first discussion, including Alexander Isavnin (RosKomSvoboda), Yuri Shemchuk (STRIZH), and Natalya Borchuk, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of the Kaliningrad Oblast. Among the topics featured there appeared smart transport, IoT for urban infrastructure, smart technologies inclusion in utility segment and housing market. Head of Information Modeling, UDAS ‘Skolkovo’ Sergey Volkov was a moderator.

The representative of the working group Industrial Internet Association of the Internet of Things Maxim Ryabchitsky and Director of Twins Technologies, Ltd. Vasily Churanov addressed the Internet of Things integration in industry. The discussion was led by Vice Director of IOTAS Gleb Pyzhov. The participants expressed their points of view on the industry cities would need in 10-20 years and segments becoming an example of intelligent manufacturing.

Key speakers and their presentations

presentation of CEO at Belgium-based IOT Factory Lionel Anciaux aroused much interest among the participants. Being an expert with an experience of twenty years in M2M and IoT, the speaker told about the use of the Internet of Things for business solutions. He also provided ways of profitability measuring of an IoT project as well as practical cases in IoT networks application.

Head of Factory Automation Department at Bosch Rexroth Maksim Sonnykh also took the floor. The speaker provided examples of digital transformation based on the experience of Bosch Rexroth, IoT gateways application, and talents training for the new industry.

Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa, Senior Tech Support Manager at Egyptair, dedicated his presentation to cloud services in aviation and airports. He also described the advantages of modern cloud-based solutions for airlines.

The attendees also had an opportunity to meet Co-Founder at Rightech Ivan Zapolsky delivering the presentation titled ‘Conveyer or manufactory in IoT. Relevance of using the IoT platform’; Head of Integration and Implementation Quality Control Department at 1C-Bitrix Aleksandr Serbul (‘Applicable machine learning in e-commerce – scenarios and architectures of pilot and functional projects’); Head of ICBcom, LLC, Oleg Lisyutenko (Transformation of energy metering systems. Capabilities of the IoT technology in the housing and utilities sector), and other segments. The conference moderator was Research and Technology Director at the Center Internet of Things Russia George Prokopchuk.

Demo zone

The event also consisted of a demo zone presenting equipment and software for the IoT industry. Attendees had an opportunity to observe Belka smart control intelligent systems (the project was a winner of Startup battle at the Internet of Things Conference 2017); STRIZH platform for data collection based on LPWAN; a product of Wasteout — smart systems for the optimization of garbage removal; innovative meters, and other smart devices from ICBcom, LLC. Representatives of Aurora Mobile Technologies that supplies solutions in the sphere of wireless data transmission also took part in the event: the company was a badge sponsor.

Startup battle

The Internet of Things Conference included Startup battle for young companies. Participation was free of charge, only registration and a short presentation were needed. The judges chose the most prospective projects that received prizes from the organizers and sponsors.

20 startups participated in the contest. The judges chose three winners:

  • A-Platform, a system of remote access to IoT devices and sensors (the third place);
  • SwarmAI, software for data synchronization and replication in automobile networks (the second place);
  • E-Ink, electronic shelf labels with centralized control (the first place).

The startup finalist presented autonomous shelf labels based on e-ink technology that are powered by a battery and can be integrated into any system of a supplier. Every shelf label consists of a microcontroller with a radio module and receives data via Wi-Fi or other communication channels. For a present, E-Ink got an opportunity of free participation at the next Internet of Things Conference. The event was moderated by Yuriy Yartsev, Founder at the public school for startups RUSSOL.

The fifth international conference Internet of Things was organized by Smile-Expo that has been holding events for business and developers of cutting-edge solutions for 12 years already. The first conference of Smile-Expo dedicated to IoT took place in March 2015. This year, it confirmed its status of one of the most long-awaited events in Russia in the sphere of the Internet of Things.

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