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Internet of things forum in Moscow: European and Russian IoT markets are open to new participants

72% of international company managers are convinced that the next three years will be more important than the last 50. This was stated by an SAP expert Andrey Troitsky at the 4th international Internet of Things forum, which took place on October 31 - November 1.
Here are some other conclusions that were made by the experts from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), CROC, Renova Group of Companies, the Internet of Things Association and other participants of the forum, which was visited by more than 1000 people in two days.

IoT in numbers: 32% income increase and 4 million rubles saved
Andrei Troitsky is a specialist in the IoT field in SAP. In addition to the mentioned 72%, he cited a number of other facts. For example, income growth in companies with half of the profits coming from digital ecosystems was 32% and more. However, only 5% of the structures were able to use digital technologies to bypass all competition significantly.
However, industrial automation systems showed many vulnerabilities over the past year and a half: 189 holes only in 2015, most often in XSS, pre-installed files and Buffer Overflow. This was told by a senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, Vladimir Dashchenko.

"We have to think about security at the stage of design. You can eliminate the vulnerabilities if you start auditing before production," he added.
The Laboratory is already working on eliminating this problem. For example, company launched the Kaspersky Lab ICS-CERT project, its purpose is to search and analyze holes in the process control systems, investigate successful attacks and test for introduction of malicious software into the system.
Director of Industrial Solutions in CROC Vyacheslav Maximov presented a case for reducing energy consumption using automated control systems in data centers. As a result, the company saved more than 4 million rubles in a year.
"IoT does magic" said RealDoll sex robot developer Matt McMullen, who presented online. He explained how his projects (Harmony AI dolls) work.
They are trained with the help of cloud services and natural language processing algorithms, thanks to which they can already communicate in almost all languages of the world. Thus, the toy gradually becomes a full-fledged member of society and a smart business assistant.
"We have to just implement it." Results of the round table
This conclusion was reached by the round table participants from the Internet of Things Association - representatives of the WAVIOT, Dispatcher, NIITS and Lartech companies.
"People’s lives have to become better, therefore an open dialogue between engineers, government structures and private business is needed," said the deputy director of the Association Gleb Pyzhov.
Experts from the companies CIFRA, Roteс and T-One Group discussed the industrial IoT.
"Internet of things is not an abstraction. Its solutions exist in transport, energy and other industries," emphasized Yuriy Krylov, technical director of CIFRA. - I urge you not to be afraid, the solutions have proved themselves well. We have to just implement it."
As for the LoRa and LoRaWAN networks, everything is simple: depending on the task, it is better to use either a closed LoRa network or an open LoRaWAN network. This was the conclusion of specialists from Intersvyaz, Strizh, Network 868, Aurora and Kerlink.
In addition, the emergence of monopolies on the market is not possible, so it is open to new participants. This is typical for both Russia and Europe.

Smart squirrel and other startup winners
The forum also hosted the Startup Battle - a pitch session of 15 innovative projects for 12 investors and industry experts. As a result, the first place was taken by the Belka startup, combining all smart devices in the house into a single network; the second one is the MoveReHub VR project for the rehabilitation of patients that suffered a stroke, and the third is a universal platform for building IOT systems and Allyst control centers.
In addition to the conference, the event hosted an exhibition of products from IoT companies. Visitors got to see the solutions of Rightech, Strizh, Network 868 and services from Lartech Telecom, QNAP, GdeMoi and others.
The Internet of Things forum was organized by Smile-Expo, a company that has 11 years of experience in holding the largest exhibitions and conferences in the field of innovations.


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