Postrelease 2016 September

Implantable microchips, smart counters, and smart mirror – results of ІІІ international “Internet of Things” exhibition and conference   


September 29 the long-awaited event in the innovative technology world – “Internet of Things” international conference – took place. The event was attended by representatives of state authorities and business, investors, startup project developers, and everyone interested in the smart technology world. It is worth noting that official foreign delegations that are frequent guests of “Internet of Things” also attended the event.       


This conference can be justly called the Russian centerpiece dedicated to smart technologies. Indeed, in comparison with other industry events, it is this very place that presents each and every developments of the Internet of Everything and IoT market area.    

The 2016 event is remembered by its dynamics, good speakers, exciting Startup Fight, smart solutions in the exhibition zone, and final presentation of the event guest Patrick Kramer who has turned everyone interested into cyborgs. But first things first.         

 Google smart things, security issues and constructive confrontations 

The event included 30 speakers’ presentations. Attendees were especially interested in the Industrial IoT block discussing the implementation of innovations into the industry sector. In the LifeStyle section, Google representatives brought together the full audience, because their presentation showed the latest company developments: smart mirror and smart clothes or, more precisely Levis jacket with built-in sensors.         

A quite constructive confrontation about LoRa technology developments involved representatives of such companies as STRIZH, Kerlink, AURORA Mobile, and Network 868.

A smart house topic was fully reveled by speakers from iRidium Mobile, Throne Project, and Evika.     

Alexey Lukatsky from Cisco told in detail about Internet of Thing security and asked numerous audience questions.  

The audience found out lots of useful information regarding modern technology application from presentations of Tibbo, Rightech, Komponenta, and Huawei. Generally, the program was high-quality and rich.  

 Booths with progressive developments

At the IoT technologies exhibition, iRidium, Rubetek Evo, and Huawei presented the latest smart house systems. For example, booths of STRIZH, Kerlink, and Network 868 showed smart counters and data transmission systems. However, MG Bot and Amperka brought to the exhibition electronic components that could be programmed to conduct various options.     

Several foreign companies, such as Pulse and Digiwell, managed to present their developments to the Russian IoT market for the first time ever.  

But our participants not only presented their products but also gave them as gifts. For instance, NetRack was conducting drawing of valuable gifts among attendees during the whole event. Lucky ones got a smart pen, robot controlled by a mobile gadget, and several certificates for company services.  

 Meaningful presentations in Speed Dealing zone   

By early afternoon, there was a meeting between developers and big investors – Speed Dealing. 18 projects have been presented and we have already got the information that a part of them will receive sponsorship from present investors after thorough analysis. It is this very fact that can be an exemplary level of projects selected for this meeting.    

 Awarding of the best journalists: Tech-in-Media 

The “Internet of Things” event became a platform for holding a high-profile award ceremony of the best mass media representatives highlighting the innovative technology topic. Winning places of the Tech-in-Media contest were occupied by: Artem Nikitin (Kommersant), Yunna Kotsar (Profile), Maria Anastasieva (Kommersant), Elena Voskanyan (Power and Industry of Russia), Eugene Anikienko (Yuzhnouralskaya panorama), Alla Baranova (, Eleonora Chernaya (Ria Tomsk), Ahdrey Alekseenko and Anton Novozhilov (All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company).

Intel and RBC representatives rewarded contest winners.  

 Great Startup Fight

The highlight of the conference was a great Startup Fight organized and held in late afternoon with support of event partners – Bazaar and Startup Technologies. 

20 young companies from Russia and Belarus were competing with each other, proving juries that their development was the most innovative. Moreover, it is important to note that the fight were between similar projects. 

Juries included 15 IoT technology experts. After 10 fight rounds, the winner was the Belarusian team. It also won 6:3 according to the audience choice.    

Results of Startup Fight:

The 1st place – TRINITI Belarusian project;
The 2nd place – Ecocity Belarusian project; 
The 3rd place – TELEPORТ Belarusian project.   

 We thank a wonderful moderator of the event, Denis Kozminykh, an entrepreneur, mentor, investment board guide, and founder of Startup Bazaar. Due to his charisma, the fight was so exciting and interesting.    

Interesting and useful workshops

Robotics and microelectronics experts from Amperka and MG Bot were holding thematic workshops. Participants of collective training events were involved in sessions on programming and applying modern IoT technologies.

 Human transformation into cyborg

One of the most impressive event highlights was the presentation of Patrick Kramer from Digiwell. At the end of the conference, he implanted the microchip in the social network contest winner right on the stage. Besides, during the exhibition one of the most active European bio hackers was implanting 2х12 mm and 880 byte devices in everyone interested, by the way, there were a lot of them.      

Now newly-appeared human cyborgs can control electronic locks, block and unblock gadgets, store passwords, and use chips as business cards.    


The “Internet of Things” event has become one more step to the development and implementation of progressive IoT technologies. We thank official event sponsors and partners: Huawei, iRidium Mobile, Rigtech, Tibbo Systems, and Komponenta group of companies.    

According to Viktor Polyakov, Tibbo Systems representative, who has already attended the “Internet of Things” conference, the event becomes more and more large-scale, dynamic, and interesting year by year. The specialist is looking forward to future meetings and stresses that “Internet of Things” justly deserves the title of the leading Russian IoT event.       

IoT technologies keep rapidly developing along with the “Internet of Things” conference! See you next year!

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