Monetization and ways of integration



Sooner or later, each developer of new gadgets for the Internet of Things thinks about monetization of its creation. The creators of clever things place their major bets on payment systems and virtual wallets related to the mobile devices. Reflecting the part that in 2 years, the amount of mobile payments will rise to significant USD 721 billion.

Developers of smart devices are also planning to divide this multibillion dollar pie and get long-term profits from the Internet of Things. By 2019, more than 80% of sales will come from the mobile market segment; in particular, smart gadgets will conclude purchases, according to forecasts of GfK.

"By 2018, the volume of the Russian mobile payments market will increase by five times up to RUB 122 billion," J’son & Partners Consulting

Independent payment systems have already been replacing mobile banking. It is also promoted by the popularization of the new NFC technology for smartphones, which successfully brings major consumer electronics manufacturers and software developers on the payment system market.

Google and Apple, which are the driving forces in the development of the IoT, have repeatedly declared the intention to create their own payment services.

It is obvious that the profile section dedicated to the monetization of the Internet of Things will present successful cases on the increase of profits due to smart gadgets as well as provide the information on the prospects for the development of new services.

Moreover, the conference will include representatives of the major payment systems. During their presentations, the speakers will talk about new terms of cooperation with popular payment services and offer fresh solutions for the integration of services into existing business.

Speakers will pay particular attention to new frameworks and API for developers enabling to build a format of contactless payment in smart devices.

Speakers at the Internet of Things conference will provide more details about the possibilities of the technology monetization and new ways of integration of popular payment systems.

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