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A total amount of mobile health apps today has surpassed 100,000 in Apple Store and Google Play, while best 20 have been downloaded by more than 231m people all over the world.

"Demand for software and smart healthcare gadgets is so high, that in just two years, this market will reach $50bn," Ernst & Young analytics

First and foremost, such an increase in popularity can be explained by the high pace of smart technology development, resulting in big interest of governmental healthcare institutions.

According to EU analysts, smart healthcare integration can decrease spending for patient care involving people with kidney diseases for at least 15-20 TEUR a year. Even more, mobile diagnostics systems and telemedicine can save about 99bn EUR by 2017.

That’s why, as part of the Internet of Things conference, experts will present latest smart healthcare and telemedicine innovations.

Within the Smart Healthcare section, mobile systems integration specialists will feature technological developments allowing patients to save on the expensive postsurgical care.

For example, using a special ECG-transmitting headset, stroke-affected or brain-injured patient can get 24/7 consultations and tests while being at home, without challenging trips or hospital lines.

Moreover, special attention at the Internet of Things conference will be devoted to gadgets for early disease diagnostics and everyday health control.

During the presentations, speakers will present mobile systems for full body scan, from blood pressure to spectral analysis of face, pupils, breathing and common psychological state of the user.

Discover more about smart healthcare, new gadgets and application in healthcare at the Internet of Things conference.

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