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Rightech company was founded in 2016 and is an IoT service provider: storage, data handling and data transmission, as well as atomization of any business processes on the base of Rightech IoT Cloud Platform. 
Rightech assists IT companies to compete successfully on the rapidly developing market of Internet of Things. Our innovative product is changing the market reality giving the opportunity to implement the product in record time with minimum staff, thus focusing on the idea only.

Rightech IoT Cloud Platform enables to create and change business logic of applications running in real time without stopping the service and provides easy integration of IoT with established technology stacks. Due to the simplicity of integration with outside services and easy control methods, any company including start-ups can afford to work with Rightech IoT Cloud

Our mission is to make IoT technology affordable.

LARTECH TELECOM is focused on device communication and the Internet of Things (IoT). At the moment, LARTECH is actively expanding the geography of presence, constantly extending the network coverage, establishing new partnerships with manufacturers, integrators, service and utility companies. The main goal is to provide high quality service of data transmission in any place in Russia. LARTECH is a member of LoRa Alliance and Thread Group. Company’s business is based on a network, we are currently deploying in all regions of Russia. LARTECH TELECOM is developing its own solutions for IoT wireless communications. The main field of work includes several directions: Software development, system integration, automation of technological and business processes, IT-consulting.


"Orion System" LLP, OrionM2MTM is developer and manufacturer in the field of IT, wireless data transmission systems.

Our solutions:

- Orion Network Server - designed for network management: scheduling, speed adaptation, storage and processing of received data.

- OrionGateway base station is ensure data network on the radio channel from energy meters and various sensors.

- End-user devices: OrionMeter, OrionGPS, OrionSecurity, OrionLighting.

OrionM2M provides: a high autonomous resource of up to 10 years, data transmission over long distances up to 100 km, with high penetrating ability of the radio signal.

OrionM2M provides the opportunity to implement such business solutions as: "Intelligent lighting", "Smart grid" in the housing and utilities sector, "Safe City" and much more.


AURORA Mobile Technologies Company – one of the leading distributors of electronic components for wireless and mobile technologies in Russia. We are very fast growing company oriented on supplying complex solutions (wireless modules and accessories) to the biggest Russian producers of security and alarm systems, personal and AVL trackers, telematic systems, telecom equipment and etc. AURORA Mobile Technologies company always monitors the market and launches new directions and products, such as Nb-IoT or LoRaWAN.

We are specialists in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications!

- Leader in wireless communication - GSM Modem, UMTS, LTE, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth module.

- Leading Distributor of customised and standard LoRa, Nb-IoT, GSM/GPS/GLONASS antennas, GPRS modules, GPS modules with integrated antennas and RF cables.

- Provider of Design-In services and Project Management of embedded GSM/GPS solutions.

- Specialists in asset tracking, security, meter reading and automotive applications.

- Expertise center for IoT.

- Comprehensive online technical documentation.


More with Wireless → More Expertise & More Service.


QNAP Systems, Inc., as its brand promise "Quality Network Appliance Provider", aims to deliver comprehensive offerings of cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and trustworthy reliability. QNAP integrates technologies and designs to bring forth quality products that effectively improve business efficiency on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and surveillance in the business environments, as well as enrich entertainment life for home users with the offering of a fun multimedia center experience. Headquartered in Taipei, QNAP delivers its solutions to the global market with nonstop innovation and passion.#262222;">Founded in 2004, QNAP has excelled at hardware design and software engineering, and brought to market numerous remarkable technologies and products ahead in the industry.

«Net868» is a Russian developer and producer of industry solutions, software and all components for IoT-networks using LoRaWAN technology. «Net868» is a member of the LoRa Alliance. The company builds the Internet of Things networks, develops and produces operator and user equipment (gateways, IoT devices), creates, implements and maintains software for remote data collection and monitoring in a wide range of economic activities.

«Net868» is the operator of the Russian LoRa-network of Internet of Things, which is the environment for collecting data from various sensors, trackers and meters in large areas. Due to LoRa-network, it is possible to assemble into a single system various types of IoT devices: street lights, meters for the consumption of utility resources, safety devices and create fundamentally new solutions in the field of telecommunications, monitoring, telematics, dispatching and automated metering systems.

 "STRIJ Telematics" is focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) market developing Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) solutions. STRIJ  has its own R&D department for the full range of hardware and software solutions.

Connectivity is an innovative company in information systems development and automation. The company specializes on IoT-solutions and cloud services development both for device developers and integrator companies. Connectivity consists of Russian specialists in the field of software development and electronics. The company collaborates with major universities and research institutes in Russia, as well as engineering companies in different regions of the country. 

At the IoT conference Connectivity represents its main product - "CPS Platform". 

"CPS Platform" is a cloud platform which alows you to quickly create your own service and connect devices that will interact with cloud storage. This solves various tasks of monitoring and controlling the equipment, obtaining and displaying data from sensors, controlling devices. 

The company will be presented at the conference in the exhibition area and is going to perform a workshop. 

The company demo includes two devices communicating with each other using our cloud solution CPS Platform. 

Visitors will be able to interact with the system in several ways:

- using devices' hardware panel;

- using platform's web control panel (via web browser). 

We are alos going to demonstrate a CPS-Platform-based climate solution: a climatic device controled with a mobile application. 

On a workshop, Connectivity will show how to connect a simple device based on Node MCU harware to the platform and introduce the CPS Platform SDK for Mobile and Embedded devices.

Quest is official distributor of Kerlink and Semtech in the territory of Russian Federation. At the our booth you will see LoRaWAN base stations produced by Kerlink and different samples of the end-node equipment manufactured by Russian companies.

Kerlink is the leader in the production of the LoRaWAN base stations. More than 15000 pcs. of the base station were shipped around the world. Russia is one of the countries where Kerlink's LoRaWAN base stations are used. Kerlink's advanced technologies allow to build a LoRaWAN wireless data network in the short time at the any part of the Earth, even where there is no Internet connection.

Kerlink products are most interesting to network operators, integrators and also the companies operating in the markets of public utilities, smart metering, security, warehousing, logistics, etc. We will be glad to see you at our company booth!

ГдеМои® translated as “Where is my?” — is a modern GPS/GLONASS tracking system designed for business and life. Today it is one of the leading services in Russia.

Fleet and field employees’ high productivity, a smooth delivery — all of this are results of developing business informatization with “ГдеМои” system. More than 17,000 organizations use the service to effectively manage performance of its 120,000 objects.

In addition to business solutions, “ГдеМои” offers all-in-one products for the mass market. In Russian market branded GPS trackers are widely known for their quality and outstanding usability.

At the exhibition guests will get a chance to appreciate the user-friendly and multifunctional software as well as get acquainted with the range of navigation-telematics products including the latest LPWAN based solutions.

“ГдеМои” service helps to keep tabs on what is important. Worldwide.

We invite you to visit IPC2U stand No.D4, where you can see the products of world manufacturers of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions. In the world of Internet, our area of ​​responsibility lies within the realm of "things".

The first stand demonstrates the work of IIoT-controller WISE-5231 from ICP DAS. Its main task is to collect data by Modbus RTU / TCP and DCON protocols, perform programmed logical and data operations and then transfer them to cloud systems using the MQTT protocol, for example, to the IBM Bluemix cloud environment while displaying data on dashboards.

The second stand has a gateway to the Internet of Things from MOXA company: Things Pro. It is an embedded computer with Linux Debian OS and a special user interface that allows you to perform operations by provided  templates: connecting to the clouds from Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure), launching your own programs, configuring remote devices.

The company "Smartiko" is the developer of electronic systems of radio communication and telemetry.

Since 2015 in its decisions actively uses LoRaWAN-protocol.

At the moment the following services:

- Development, production and supply of LoRaWAN-equipment: base stations LoRa IoT, LoRaWAN-modems, equipment with integrated LoRaWAN-modules: water meters, electricity meters, security sensors and other LoRaWAN-devices.

- Formation of LoRaWAN-networks, monitoring of gateways, management of device numbers.

- Development, testing and implementation of industrial IoT systems, as well as in housing and communal services, agriculture, security systems, trade and other industries, as required by the customer, using various solutions: LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, NB IoT, WiFi, GSM.




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