Smart home control systems

Control System

Today, smart home control systems are the most promising technological segment, first and foremost, because of the application versatility.

$3.2bn – such was the amount that Google paid for Nest acquisition, manufacturer of smart thermostats capable to save up to 20 per cent of home electricity.

From lighting remote control systems to software platforms like Apple HomeKit and AllJoyn for home appliances control using Windows, each of the technology is linked directly to the Internet of Things.

That’s why the conference will feature devices for private use, allowing the owners of apartments and houses to reduce costs for heating and power consumption.

Control systems are the most important aspect of the industrial Internet of Things. This segment drives the industry trends. The main motive for installing such systems is the possibility to save on equipment maintenance and company resources.

For example, smart irrigation system WaterBee fitted with remote soil moisture sensors can reduce water consumption by 40%. On the other side, automated network of condensation control sensors can save up to $300,000 for companies each year, without the need to allocate such funds for equipment amortization.

At the same time, investment in integration of such tools is rational: wireless sensors rarely need a service support and can function on one battery charge up to 10 years.

Obviously, taking into account an existing potential of this segment, speakers will give special attention to the new smart control system inventions at the Internet of Things conference. As part of the section, developers will also present the successfully launched projects concerning automation and management of production facilities.

Discover more about the integration possibilities and compatible devices for infrastructure development at one of our conferences – Industrial IoT.

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