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Big data

Big data is a broad term for a series of methods and tools for structuring and processing of huge volumes of diverse information to create human-readable results under constant growth of information in the network.

Today, it is not a secret that the ability to deal with the information and structure it is one of the most important skills of a person in the information age.

It took the humanity 300 thousand years to accumulate the first 12 exabytes of information; within the next two years, that number doubled up to 24 exabytes, according to the estimates of analysts from the University of California.

To date, the total amount of digital information in the world equals to 8, 591 exabytes. This is about 1.2 terabytes of data per every inhabitant of the Earth. Siemens Statistics

Those or other Big Data instruments are already widely used in marketing, advertising, banking and manufacturing industry. Some of them are suitable for solving complex logistical problems in the production, while others are used for the analysis of market trends and consumer demand.

It is even more important to handle the data and structure it properly in terms of development of social networking and smart gadgets that collect pages of information about users every second. Some of this information is private, and the rest is in public access; the only problem for the specialist is to identify patterns and structure big data.

Specialists working with big data, system administrators and programmers, employees of large corporations studying the information market and developing new tools to interact with data will speak during the Internet of Things conference.

Moreover, "big data" section will feature new services for data processing, methods of protection and search for increasing the efficiency of companies in the field of e-commerce, marketing and IT-industry.

The latest statistics of the information market, as well as the big data prospects in terms of business development will be showcased at the Internet of Things conference.

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