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Everything is in your own sleeves: Levi's and Google designed smart jacket

Everything is in your own sleeves: Levi's and Google designed smart jacket

Within Google I/O 2016 conference, Levi Strauss & Co representatives manufacturing Levi's jeans clothes announced the release of a new product. In association with Google, the company has developed a new jacket model with multitouch sleeves. The project called Jacquard has been developed for a year.            


A touch-sensitive area is made of conductive threads. It is on the bottom of your left sleeve. Users can push, tap and move a hand over it in order to adjust simple operations, such as music tracks switching, calls accepting or navigator using (data is transmitted to the earphone). This should be very convenient when you, for example, riding a bicycle and don’t want to take your smartphone.                


Such jacket can be worn as often as other Levi's clothes. If it gets dirty, just put it in the washing machine. But firstly, chips hidden inside the button on the cuff should be detached. Due to the special application, a jacket owner can associate certain movements with orders making an interface comfortable. Jackets will be offered for sale in 2017 but a pilot batch will be released this autumn. The first results of the Jacquard project were provided at the last year’s I/O conference. It was the first time when brand representatives showed a sample of denim fabrics with a multitouch patch. Everyone has been offered to close to the fabrics, run a hand through it or slightly tap and see at the big screen how the system responds to this touching. 




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