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Everything is under control: who runs the smart house?

Everything is under control: who runs the smart house?

Executive appliances, sensors of the smart systems and integrated equipment are run by the single center and interact with each other according to the settings. The control center is placed in one element called a controller. It serves as a guardian of the smart house: tracks household appliances and electronic devices connected to the system, controls the network, receives inbound messages and ensures user communication with them.

What is a smart house controller and what is it used for?

The controller is a special minicomputer or a router. It’s a hub of programs for the smart house control. This element allows to adjust several systems and manage them through Wi-Fi or a wireline. Controllers are connected to devices via the Internet and receive orders from the owners by means of smartphone apps. Meanwhile, autonomic computers connect to devices and sensors through a wireline.

One can press buttons or use a touchscreen to run a controller. To program executive appliances, the specially designed software is introduced.

Main functions of controllers

As it was stated above, the controller reacts to owner’s commands and runs executive appliances. It can manage the most complex scenarios, involving 10 different systems at once: for example, climate and lighting, lawn watering, heating and air conditioning, etc.

On the whole, the controller can manage the entire home infrastructure. See the list of the main functions it performs:

  • when received a sensor signal, manages standalone smart devices or the combination of them. For example, it turns the light on when a motion sensor is activated and at the same time curtains the windows;
  • runs an alarm system of the house;
  • prepares and stores video reports on the performance of devices or breakdowns.
  • detects fumigation, water leakage and informs the owners about emergencies;
  • calculates electricity consumption.

IoT Conference: Everything is under control: who runs the smart house?

Integrated systems of the smart house

Integrated systems is an equipment programmed and run by the smart center. It’s adjusted through the Internet and a wireline: both via an exterior control center and autonomously.

An autonomous system is usually installed indoors. It can be a minicomputer or a small server receiving sensor instructions and direct commands of the owners, as well as setting modes. A wired autonomous network is better to be installed at the stage of house building or full repair.

The integrated control system can also be programmed by ready-made smart systems delivered by a supplier. In this case, the control center will be placed on the supplier’s server and connect with your devices via a smartphone or the Internet. Take into account that you will have to pay a user charge, and all smart devices will depend on the Internet connection.

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