September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

RealDoll sex robots to be presented in Russia for the first time

RealDoll sex robots to be presented in Russia for the first time

The presentation will take place at the Internet of Things international forum starting in Moscow on October 31 and lasting two days.

The event is unique not only for Russia but also for all the CIS countries! Matt McMullen, creator of RealDoll, CEO & Founder of Realbotix, as well as Kino Coursey, a VR/AI specialist, will speak at the forum and present a real show for attendees!

RealDoll sex robots have been recognized as the most realistic dolls over the past 20 years. Their key feature is the ability to express emotions using facial gesture and eye movements. Moreover, they can be mixed up with a human being from a distance!

The developers focus extensively not only on design but also on dolls’ artificial intelligence. The Internet of Things will allow attendees to see the capacity of RealDoll’s ‘brain’! Matt McMullen has prepared a surprise especially for the exhibition: he will present his new solution for the first time! Everyone interested will be able to put a question to a sex robot and immediately receive an answer in almost all languages!

Besides the spectacular presentation show, Realbotix representatives – Matt McMullen and Kino Coursey – will speak at the conference and open the international Startup Battle.

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