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Russia launches hybrid IoT network and design protected chip for IoT. Week’s news

Russia launches hybrid IoT network and design protected chip for IoT. Week’s news

How much Russian communications providers have earned on IoT projects and when Russia will launch a satellite system for the Internet of Things. Discover these and other news of the innovation world in our weekly digest.

Russia launches the first hybrid IoT network

VimpelCom has put Russia’s first hybrid network called LTE into operation. It is designed for two IoT mobile standards: NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M. The first section of network is launched in Moscow in order to develop logistics and monitoring solutions.

Both announced standards are available at the same time, allowing to connect devices with different capabilities. The LTE Cat-M standard features high capacity and mobility. It allows to maintain moving objects and services located in underground constructions.

МТСis a leader in the amount of IoT connections

Over the first six months of 2018, Russian mobile operators have earned 5.9 billion RUB on IoT projects. Besides, the number of connected IoT SIM cards is 15.4 million. 42% of them belong to MTC, the second place is occupied by MegaFon with 38%, and the third one is VimpelCom with 18% (the rest 2% is divided among other operators).

Ericsson analysts predict that the price of NB-IoT connection will fall in the coming years. Therefore, the technology will be used even more widely. Operators predict that their share on the IoT market will grow by 18-25%.

Roscosmos to design satellite system for IoT

Roscosmos is going to create a satellite system called Marathon. It will be a part of the Sphere project and will be designed for IoT operations. The Sphere is a multi-purpose system consisting of 640 satellites, with some of them being launched in 2022. Roscosmos has not yet revealed who will produce satellites for the Marathon IoT system and their amount.

Russia develops protected microcircuit for IoT

Ruselectronics has issued a microcircuit providing digital communications within 30 km. The key feature of this chip is maximum protection from outside intervention. Thus, the chip can be applied on strategic sites.

Microcircuit size is 5 x 5 mm; frequency coverage ranges from 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz, which is the best possible option for the Internet of Things. The first batch of chips is already tested.

Yandex presents Alisa-based home assistants

Yandex has introduced products of its partners: smart devices for the home – Irbis and Dexp. Smart assistants will be based on the Yandex IO platform and Alisa voice assistant. Devices will be available this year. One of them will cost 3290 RUB.

Besides, Yandex has informed users of successful search upgrades, including 1000 improvements in such sections as collections, website selection marks, and fast responses. Moreover, the company has updated the formula of search results ranking: now it is considering the quality of websites more.

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