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Russia addressed the issue of incompatibility of IoT devices from different manufacturers

Russia addressed the issue of incompatibility of IoT devices from different manufacturers

The technical Committee 194 ‘Cyber-physical systems’ (TC 194) created an international standard, designed to improve the compatibility of different IoT devices.

The name of the document is ISO/IEC Information technology. Compatibility requirements and model for devices within IIoT systems. The decision to work on it was approved this spring at the meeting of the International Division of the Joint Technical Committee No.1 of ISO/IEC PC 41 ‘Internet of Things and Related Technologies’ in Germany. Thanks to the introduction of the standard, industry experts hope to solve the difficulties of synchronizing IoT devices created by different developers.

By the end of the summer the project from the Russian Federation will be sent to the International Organization for Standardization ISO/IEC for consideration and final approval. In the Russian Federation, the project will be brought to the official level by early 2020.

Members of the TC 194 believe that, thanks to unification, the Industrial Internet of Things market will develop faster. In their opinion, the changes will affect large group of companies that rely on technological innovation, want to improve production efficiency and enter the international market.

60 specialists of the ‘Internet of Things’ team within TC 194, discussed each of the items of the standard for two months. The list of committee members includes representatives of Rostelecom, RUSSOFT, Gazprom Neft, Angstrem-T and other major market players.

According to the analytical center TAdviser and the state enterprise Rostek, the IoT market in Russia will triple by 2021. Preliminary assessments of specialists are as follows: the turnover will increase from 93 000 000 000 to 270 000 000 000 rubles.

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