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Russia to develop own smart technologies

Russia to develop own smart technologies

Due to the increase of demand on the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the Security Council of the Russian Federation (SCRF) proposes rejecting foreign products and developing own devices at domestic enterprises. According to the RBC Information Systems (RBC Group), the authorities can ban governmental bodies from import products buying.

As reported by the RBC group at the SCRF, in the end of 2017, a meeting on information security will be held in order to consider IoT aspects. One of the key questions is a mass production of domestic IoT devices and changes in the legislation about import equipment substitution.

According to the Head of Technical Development of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund Sergey Alimbekov, in 5-7 years, there will be about 400 m devices on the IoT market used in various spheres. Currently, cheaper mass consumption smart devices are imported from China and Taiwan while ones for industrial use come from the U. S., Switzerland and Japan. Alimbekov thinks that foreign products pose no danger. Also, Russia has to establish domestic IoT devices manufacturing for highly focused enterprises.

According to the Deputy SEO of T-One Group Igor Heresh, sensors and controllers should be produced in Russia. Foreign technologies can be dangerous, for instance, a Chinese plate was found in the smart car system tested on the enterprise. Igor Heresh notes the high possibility of car controlling by the third party.

Having established own production, the authorities plan to introduce the compulsory use of domestic technologies. A new law is likely to ban import communication devices buying at governmental bodies. IoT manufacturers will get tax incentives.

The SCRF doesn’t exclude the possibility of export. For this, lending of projects based on Russian products should be considered.

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